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Come to MILE 277 for the Rock 4 Danny Benefit in November!

A word from Michael Henry

With the end of the year in sight, Angerchild has chosen to spend the rest of 2013 in the studio. We will finally be finishing our self-produced a long awaited full length demo. We are also writing new music and will be releasing a 2 or 3 song EP of this year’s new material early next year.

Now for the bad news. In light of new issues, we are once again looking for a drummer. It is amazing how hard it is to find the right fit. For all different reasons many drummers have failed to hold the throne. Ted and I just want someone that is like us, dedicated, responsible, respectful, and have a good work ethic. Skills aren't an issue, we would be happy with a driven newbie. O well... Everything happens for a reason. We can only hope this path leads us to our true brother in music. We know that he or she is out there and just hasn't found us yet. With love of music and faith in karma, Ted and I walk on to the next episode. We wish everyone the best through the holidays and we will see you next year! +)

Till next time, keep rocking and don’t waste a minute, you only get one life to live. It’s all up to you.



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